IEEE 802.11ad PHY Waveform Generation API

Fig. 1 IEEE 802.11ad DMG PHY Waveform Generation API
IEEE Project Working Group TGad published IEEE 802.11ad-2012 specification, providing up to 6.75Gbps throughput using approximately 2GHz of spectrum at 60GHz over a short range. IEEE 802.11ad-2012 DMG (directional multi-gigabit) PHY uses RF burst transmissions that start with a synchronization preamble followed by header and payload data. The preamble is always single carrier modulation, the header and data may use single-carrier (SC) or OFDM modulation depending on the target bit rate.

DMG support three different modulation methods for data, they are:
  • Spread-Spectrum : Control PHY
  • Single Carrier (SC) : SC PHY
  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing: OFDM PHY
Example Matlab File and a Matlab-GUI capable of IEEE 802.11ad DMG PHY waveform generation functionality is available here